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Patient-Focused Care and Compassion are Trademarks of Sanctuary

Evaluations, dietary considerations, and comfort level allow us to direct you to the most effective treatments among a full range of medication options.

Becoming a Patient

To prepare for your first visit to Sanctuary, there are a few steps you need to take, depending on the state you live in.


Massachusetts Patient Handbook

Step 1. Get a Doctor's Certification

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts requires that a state-certified doctor will be the one to provide medical marijuana recommendations. Our staff at Sanctuary is always here to help. Schedule a consultation with us to learn more or simply give us a call and we can help find a state certified doctor. You can also do a simple web search for "medical marijuana doctors in Massachusetts", to help identify a doctor in your area.

You can then move on to the next step, once a doctor has certified that you qualify.

Note: Two Doctor recommendations are necessary for all pediatric patients

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Step 2. Register with the State of Massachusetts

You will receive a registration number for the Massachusetts Medical Use of Marijuana program. Don't lose this number. You will need this for the Online System registration process.

To register online please go to: nd-caregivers.html

To learn more about the Medical Use of Marijuana program and the registration process, please call your doctor or visit ent-step-by-step.pdf

Once you have finished registration and you have been approved by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, you will receive your Medical Use of Marijuana Program Identification Card in the mail.

Note: If you prefer registering with paper forms, call DPH at 617-660-5370 to request paper forms.

Upon approval into the program by Massachusetts Department of Public Health, you will receive your Medical Use of Marijuana Program Identification Card in the mail.

Note: If you prefer to register with paper forms, please call DPH at 617-660-5370

Step 3. Visit Sanctuary Medicinals in Danvers

You made it! You will need your Medical Use of Marijuana Program ID card and as well as another form of state-issued identification (driver's license, passport). We will have a card reader to confirm that these are authentic state-issued IDs.

For your first visit you will need to fill out some paperwork to register with our dispensary. One of our Patient Care Advisors will work with you one-on-one to help you find the products suited for your needs.

Since this will be your first visit to our Danvers dispensary, you will need to fill out some paperwork in order to register with us. You will then have a Patient Care Advisor that will guide you through the product selection process.


Staff & Resources

We encourage you to ask questions and interact with our staff when you visit Sanctuary. Our patient care advisors are heavily trained and extremely knowledgeable about cannabis. We welcome any questions you may have and will be happy to guide you towards products that might suit your needs.

Patient Consultations

While drop in visits and on-the-spot discussions with our staff are most common, we do offer appointments for longer discussions. To schedule an appointment, please call us at 978-304-0329.

Financial Hardship Programs

Patients may be eligible for reduced pricing if they are enrolled in SSI, SSDI, Medicaid, MassHealth, and/or have a verified financial hardship. Once participation in one of these programs has been confirmed, a sliding scale discount will be applied based on program enrollment and family income. Please speak with a staff member at our location, email us, or call us for more information on how to apply. Sanctuary reserves the right to limit the amount of discounted product sold to financial hardship participants and to adjust the discount parameters of the program if necessary.

Translation & Interpretation Services

If one of our staff members doesn't speak your language, we will utilize a telephone translation service to ensure effective communication. We also provide accommodations for the blind/visually impaired and deaf/hard of hearing.

Patient Education

If you are a patient or looking for more information about our marijuana dispensary, please call 978-304-0329 or complete our online request form.